What Coaching Clients & Workshop Participants are saying...

"I feel EMPOWERED! I didn’t know how much I needed or would enjoy Lynn’s class."


"I loved the class!  It gave me a spark and clarity I needed to get back in the game and plan a fun and exciting future."


"Very delightful and helpful!"


"Lynn was well-prepared with insightful resources. The class was inspiring."


"I attended the Reinvent yourself after 50 workshop recently and I found it to be full of great tips and strategies.  It also felt supportive and positive by using our past to think about how we may want to do things in the future.  I appreciated hearing from everyone why they attended and found that I could really relate to several people there. The things people shared made it engaging and  interactive.  I really enjoyed it and got a lot of out of it."


"This is the perfect guided experience to plan for and live a retirement that is joyful and


"The class exceeded my expectations.  Lynn was skilled at allowing enough individual commentary without losing control of the class.  She kept on point and kept moving us forward – but the sharing really helped make the class."

Workshop Participant

"Lynn’s questions motivated excellent sharing and deep thinking. The class is well-organized and stimulates conversation.  It’s thought provoking."

Workshop Participant

"Thank you for opening my eyes and giving me fresh ideas and energy to start a process of reinventing myself.  You gave me the practical steps to begin. Your workshop was dynamite.  It was a revelation to see that there are some concrete steps to take in reinventing yourself."


"Lynn really has some good ideas about life, plans, and the psychology of life beyond your working career, that are explored in her workshops....I would strongly recommend attending one."


"Lynn Ryder’s seminar helped me in expanding my volunteering efforts."


"It was good to see new possibilities for the future. It offered encouragement and motivation to act."


"The content was what I needed to open up to new possibilities."


"Lynn is an inspirational and enthusiastic teacher.  Her workshop provided me direction as I transitioned into retirement. I still recall her words of wisdom regarding travel, the importance of social relationships, and finding a sense of purpose through our community or volunteer work.  I highly recommend this class to others. "


"Lynn is a thorough teacher.  I would like to take future classes by her."

Workshop Participant

"The class was very thorough and thoughtful.  Lynn is very enthusiastic and knowledgeable."

Workshop Participant

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