California is Opening Up

California, where I live, opened up starting June 15.  For example, you’ll see restaurants filled inside and out with unmasked diners.  Some people say we’re back to normal times.  But are we?

Many employees are uncertain about how much longer they can work from home.  Will they need to plan for child care and other domestic life matters? Some business owners are unsure about how much to staff up – assuming they can find staff to hire.  They don’t know how soon their businesses will “be normal” and how likely it is for this new normal to continue. 


Personally, I’m missing the benefits of having my friends staying close to home.  Many friends are already leaving town for vacations by the ocean and in the mountains. 

I’m missing the extra time I had when there was white space on my calendar.  Suddenly, I feel super busy with work, lunches with friends, parties, group hikes and more.

I began reevaluating my life last month, and it will be a continuous process.  I’m experimenting.  After being single for many years, I’m hoping to meet a partner or at least a compatible male playmate. 

Dating at this Stage of Life

Apparently, I’m not alone.  As we emerge from Covid, the dating sites are busy helping men and women find matches.  This is an agonizing journey for me. 

Many daters misrepresent themselves, which isn’t too surprising. But at this stage of life, honesty and courtesy are especially important.  Please don’t tell me you’re a skier and biker if you haven’t done either for 15 years.  I need to know if we can do activities together or if you’re in need of a nurse.  Please don’t be rude and call three hours late with no apology or excuse.  Please don’t call me a “strident bitch” if I simply ask you to be considerate.  Please don’t talk only about how extraordinary you are and never let me speak.

Keeping an Open Mind

I am keeping an open mind, though, and reaching out to people who are very different from me and different from people I’ve known in the past.  That’s the fun part of meeting new men.  I like to learn and grow from others when the risk isn’t too high.  As I said, I’m reevaluating. 

So, how are you doing at reinventing yourself after Covid?  I’d love to hear from you.