I’m out and about again – going to parties, watching movies in theaters, eating in restaurants. Life changed overnight. 

CDC Guidance

Even though I’m fully vaccinated and the CDC says we can be indoors without masks, I need to slow down and remind myself that these are not normal times.

Shortages are a problem

It feels like we’re coming out of a kind of war.  In the stores there are shortages of shoes, dishwashers, some foods, and paper bags.  I’m told the products are on cargo ships that have yet to arrive.  There aren’t enough truck drivers to deliver the goods, since we lost drivers during the pandemic.

Service is bad 

Good service is hard to find.  Often when I reach customer service by phone, I have the feeling the employee wishes I wasn’t a customer.  I try to understand.  The employee is working from home, with children who are still not in school, and loads of housework ahead.  Sometimes I hear the service rep trying to calm a crying baby while trying to help me.  The rep is impatient with me, and I’m impatient too.  

Travel is hard

When a friend planned to visit me in California, she spent almost a day on hold on the phone trying to make a reservation because the American Airlines web site was down.  She said the airport was a nightmare.  Wearing a double mask for safety, she was overwhelmed by crowds she hadn’t experienced for over a year. 

Our plan was to go wine tasting, but despite having a reservation, there was no one to greet us at the winery.  Things got worse when the wine server sat down at a chair at our table and complained about the winery.

Patience is needed

I’ll try to be more patient.  Many of us are going through a transition from living mainly inside to emerging into a big world.  It’ll take time to sort this out.  Meanwhile, this is a perfect time to reflect and reassess what we want to keep in our lives and what we want to eliminate.

Reassess now

It felt good to have extra time in my life during Covid.  My calendar was never overbooked.  I had a sense of space in my life.  Ask yourself:  Are there friends I haven’t seen for a year, and I don’t miss them?  Are there activities I used to do that are no longer appealing?

Going forward, I plan to be very thoughtful about who I see, the work I agree to do, and the activities I engage in.  The pandemic gave me time to step back and reassess.  Are you reassessing your life?